To Provide Learning experiences that will allow all students to: Explore Enlighten and Enjoy Education.


School is a place where children can look forward to learning new skills, gaining new knowledge, meeting new teachers and friends and developing their leadership potential. Students need support from family members as well as teachers and administrators to help them have a successful learning experience. As parents you have the power to determine your child’s success in and out of school.

Parents you are our partners in this process and your commitment to your child’s education is expected. This means that you should be there for them, guide and support them in all that is required of them.


Students enter the Primary School in Grade One after their fifth birthday (must turn five by June 30th). They continue on to Grade Six before entering Grade Seven of our High School. As a school we are pleased to offer continuity of learning from age three and a half to the threshold of college or the world of work. The entire school is co-educational and classes are mixed ability. The Primary School caters to 600 students. Students are taught by a committed group of educators who stay current with the “best practices in education”.  Each grade is headed by a Grade Level Leader who is supported by a Curriculum Coordinator. The coordinators consult with the Deputy and Head of Primary on all matters pertaining to the growth and development of the students. Classroom teachers provide instruction in the core foundational subjects; Literacy including oral Reading and Comprehension, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Religious Education Science and Social Studies.

In addition students also are taught 21 century skills by our specialist teachers, including but not limited to (Foreign Languages, Music, Information Technology, P.E., Swimming and Library Science.) We are privileged to have an Intervention Specialist Department; these teachers assist students whose reading and comprehension skills are two years below their grade level. We are also fortunate to have our own Guidance Counselor for the Primary Years who in addition to classroom counseling sessions on such issues as leadership, character development, responsibility, peer pressure and conflict resolution oversees all aspects of our student’s welfare. 

The Vice Principal/ Head of Primary along with the Deputy Head work as partners in ensuring that a safe, supportive and positive atmosphere is maintained for all of our students. There is a high academic standard set for all students, we expect all our students to perform and do their personal best daily. The enriching experience here at Queen’s College is set up to ensure that students thrive because of the learning opportunity provided here at the school.  Students are expected to establish and maintain respectful relationships with their peers and parents are required to support us in correcting behaviors that are inappropriate, unacceptable and disruptive to the learning of others.