Since its inception in 1996, QC Project Europe has enabled more than 200 students, parents and teachers to experience Europe in all its glory. From the sun-parched olive groves of Spain to the sprawling and ornate gardens of the Palais de Versailes in France, our participants have marvelled at the richness of European history and culture. From the heart-pounding spectacle of the bullfights at Las Ventas to the mystic and whimsical gaze of The Mona Lisa, our students have been exposed to a veritable feast of sights and sounds that are the life-essence of Spain and France. From The Torre de Belem in Lisbon, Portugal to the murky canals and narrow streets of Venice; from the rocky beaches at Biarritz to the monumental Leaning Tower of Pisa, our students have seen them all. The implementation of the QC Project Europe Savings Plan has afforded all students, despite their financial situation, the opportunity to travel abroad. Most of our voyagers have saved for two years to travel with QC Project Europe, and any family with a little sacrifice can join the plan.



With its motto "The World is Out There", we allude to the fact that life goes on beyond our own Bahamian shores in places such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Quebec. Home Study programs are also available annually to immerse advanced modern languages students in the language and culture of Spanish and French speaking countries. In these programs individual students are hosted in the homes of local families. 



Costa Rica is much more than an opportunity to improve one’s fluency in Spanish. The vibrancy of Costa Rican culture, especially during Semana Santa (Holy Week); the chance to spend a weekend at the base of an active volcano; to soak in hot springs; to hike through a cloud forest and see native wildlife; to soar through and over the forest canopy on an amazing and thrilling zip-line adventure; to find oneself in a cinema distracted by reading the Spanish sub-titles on a recently released American film; to wander through souvenir stores where the choices are mind-boggling or to do the “Bahamian thing”, to shop till you drop...all these work together to make Costa Rica an invaluable experience for our students. 

The programme is designed to encourage our students to spend time reviewing and reinforcing grammatical concepts through active participation in very small classes. Our students return with a renewed confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish. We have noted a profound change not only in the writing and comprehension skills of our students, but, more importantly, a change in their attitude and a redirected focus; a wonderfully fresh motivation to empower themselves with the gift of a new language. 


frenchtrip.jpgThe French immersion programme at Queen’s College is a very interesting and compact one which allows students to experience the nuances of French culture. This trip usually takes place every two years and lasts almost two weeks. It usually commences with an exploration of the French capital. Here students are exposed to Parisian culture in terms of art, food, history and architecture. To this end, there are excursions to famous sites such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, the river Seine, the Opera House, the Sacré Coeur and the Notre Dame Cathedrale. Students are also exposed to the South of France with its rich cultural mixes influenced by its history. Consequently, students are able to see the Italian and Spanish influences in the French culture in places such as Nice and Biarritz. Aside from savouring the gastronomic delights of the various places in France students learn how to use their French in shopping expeditions, are educated about candy fabrication as well as perfume manufacturing. At the end of each trip, students are usually motivated to improve their French, develop more confidence in terms of the different skills especially speaking as well as attain a higher level of maturity as it pertains to achieving their goals.




In February, during the midterm break, the Religious Education Department and the Student Christian Movement organize a visit to the Holy Land Experience attraction in Orlando, Florida. Students delight in seeing Bible stories come to life as they also participate in important reenactments of events in The Bible (eg. Communion in The Last Supper)



Every February, during the midterm break, students in grades 7-9 are afforded the opportunity to explore the world of Physics and Science as they visit several attractions in Orlando. Their travels take them to Disney’s Epcot Centre where they learn about the sea, the land and space along with the Animal Kingdom. They also visit Kennedy Space Centre where they encounter spaceships and astronauts. While there, they are often engaged in experiments, attend lectures and observe animals in their natural environment.


Performing Arts Experience

artphoto.pngPerforming Arts refers to art that is performed before a live audience through the medium of music, dance or drama. Our trips are designed for students that have an interest in the Performing Arts, and there is no experience like witnessing a live performance on the grandest stage. We aim to expose our students to live performances of some of the world’s most renowned performers. Over the years our students have watched Broadway shows, renowned orchestras, jazz ensembles, dance companies, legendary grammy award winning musical artists, marching bands and much more. Since our inaugural trip in 2015, our students have traveled to Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas seeking to witness the best that the Performing Arts community has to offer. You are more than welcomed to be a part of any future trips that are planned and grow the legacy of one of the most exciting school trips that is offered at Queen’s College.