To provide a healthy, balanced, developmentally appropriate learning environment that will motivate, reward and enable children to maximize their full capabilities: socially, cognitivety, physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually, thus becoming lifelong learners in a growing 


Welcome to Queen's College Early Learning Centre, ELC - A professional and friendly learning environment, the home of the "Little Comets", where "Every Little Comet Shines". Our Little Comets lead the way in leadership skills - we are a leadership school!

Let our students, ages 3 - 5 year olds amaze you! They have begun to sharpen their academic skills by practicing and applying them until they have become second nature, just as they do in sports, art and the performing arts. Our students learn to take responsibility for their own progress and discover how self-discipline, focus, practice and use of the 7 Habits can unleash their talents and leadership potentials in school, at home and beyond, in the 21st century. Under the supervision of trained instructors, creating and offering best practices in education, students at ELC have routinely become motivated and confident in their learning. Our curriculum, integrated with themes and leadership principles spells: success. Just imagine where our learning environment could take children.

We inspire greatness and success through 'The Leader In Me - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids'. We encourage leadership choices and are developing little comet leaders, one child at a time!