hspic1.pngAs a government grant-aided private school, Queen’s College adheres to the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) curriculums. We offer BJC courses in English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Religious Education, General Science, Health Science, Art and Home Economics.

Additionally, students receive courses in Computer Studies, Music, Spanish, French, History, Physical Education and Geography. All of our high school students, Grades Ten through Twelve, must complete compulsory core courses in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Studies, Physical Education, either French or Spanish, Religious Education and either History or Geography. Depending on their personal area of interest, students also undertake three Option courses. The options presently offered by the school are Physics, Chemistry, Music, Food & Nutrition, Art, Geography and History.


Going beyond the standard Ministry of Education curriculum, Queen's College’s academic programme is enhanced through the implementation of an accelerated track into our curriculum which permits many of our students to study at a more challenging pace and pursue more rigorous courses.

In addition to the national BJC and BGCSE examinations we prepare our students to sit the PSAT, SAT, SAT II, GCE Advanced Levels, Pitman, Royal Schools of Music, and Advanced Placement examinations.

We augment our academic programme through offering to students ‘extra’ evening and weekend classes in most subject areas, and also incorporating a Quebec Home Study and a Costa Rica study for our modern language students. Each summer we offer a Summer School Programme to students needing academic enrichment in the core subject areas, in order to advance to the next grade level. In addition, other special interest advanced courses are offered to gifted or academically able students.

Queen’s College High School is very proud of its academic programme. We offer a curriculum that is both larger and more comprehensive than any other private school in the Bahamas and our students are annually ranked among the top students in the country in many BJC and BGCSE subject areas.


Grade Percentage Range Grade Point Value
A+ 100% 4.00
A 90% - 99% 4.00
A- 80% - 89% 3.67
B+ 75% - 79% 3.33
B 70% - 74% 3.00
B- 65% - 69% 2.67
C+ 60% - 64% 2.33
C 55% - 59% 2.00
C- 50% - 54% 1.67
D+ 46% - 49% 1.33
D 41% - 45% 1.00
D- 35% - 40% 0.67
E 21% - 34% 0.00
F below 21% 0.00


Based upon their rigour, AP and AS level courses are Weighted Courses receiving an extra grade point value of 1.0 and Honours courses receive an extra grade point of 0.5.

In order to earn a place on the Honour Roll, a student must receive a grade point average between 3.00 and 3.69.

The eligibility requirement for the prestigious Principal's List is a GPA of 3.70 or above.

In order for a student to be promoted to the next grade or to graduate, a GPA of 2.00 is required.