Queen's College maintains and makes available technology to students and faculty for a wide range of applications. All users of the campus network and equipment are reminded that with access comes responsibility. The workstations and related peripherals are school property, and unlike home computers, which can be personally configured, the school computers are set up for the use of the entire community, not individuals. School technology is not to be used in ways that might adversely affect the work, privacy, and access of other users.

  • Access to computers is provided to the school community as a tool to complete school-related projects and assignments only. Priority will be given to scheduled classes in the computer labs. 
  • Technology users may not install software of any type, including games, to individual computers or to the school network. Only software licensed to the school may be used on any campus computer. 
  • Deletions, additions, or any modifications to the Windows desktop are not allowed. Users may not modify any hardware or operating systems settings that would change the appearance or operation of the computers or network. 
  • All technology users must respect the work of other students and faculty by not accessing, modifying, or deleting the files of others. 
  • Optical scanners are provided for materials directly related to school assignments only. Students may not scan or print any other materials. 
  • Technology users must respect copyright laws that protect software owners, artists, and writers. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. This applies to all forms of electronic media including, but not limited to electronic encyclopedias, image files, and sound files. 
  • While using the Internet, students and adults must follow the accepted rules of network etiquette and conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner. Students may not transmit, receive, submit, or publish any defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, or potentially dangerous material. Any user encountering such material, whether intentionally or not, must notify a teacher or supervisor immediately. If no one is available at the time, the user is obligated to sign off the Internet. 
  • Technology users may not use Queen's College's equipment or facilities to access their own Internet Provider, Online Service or personal e-mail accounts. 
  • Technology users will minimize the use of the printers and print only school-related materials, except with explicit permission. 
  • Food or drink should not be brought into computer labs or to the desktop of computers on campus. Equipment must not be used in a dangerous manner that could result in damage. 
  • Internet use may be monitored and/or restricted according to the policies outlined by the school administration. Policies are subject to review, users will be notified about any changes to these agreements. Violation of any of the regulations above may result in disciplinary actions that include but are not limited to removal of all computer privileges, suspension or expulsion.
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