Foundation and Primary Years Library


The Queen’s College Foundation and Primary Years Library exists as an integral part of the total school community to provide a wide variety of materials and resources necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of the school curriculum, to foster a love of literature and reading as well as to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information.


The mission of the Queen’s College Foundation and Primary Years Library is to work collaboratively with the staff to support the instructional goals of the school through acquiring and organizing the necessary materials, print and non print, in order to expand and enhance the learning environment for all students and teachers.


Our well- stocked library, with internet access to allow individual research, is the heart of our school and is supervised by a qualified teaching librarian who fosters and encourages a love of literature and reading. The library is available for use by all students during recess and lunch periods, and is also a home for the Early Morning Reading Rockets, Chess, and Crochet Clubs. Students in all grades are encouraged to read widely from a list of books recommended by the librarian. Book swaps are arranged regularly so that students can exchange used books, and all students are invited to purchase a book for the school to celebrate their birthday. Parents also are invited to ‘Adopt a Book’ and contribute to our library.

Literacy Week is an annual event in both Foundation and Primary Years and is designed to foster in our students a love of books, reading and literacy. Our library is always buzzing with activities, and we are truly proud that that our Foundation and Primary Years Library is a ‘Central Hub for Independent Learning and Discovery’, C.H.I.L.D.


The library is a Leadership zone. We live the 7 Habits here! This is our creed.


  • I am responsible for selecting my own library book.


  • The more I read, the more I will know. The more I know the smarter I grow.


  • I pack my library book in my bag the night before Library day.


  • I return my book on time so others can check it out.


  • When it is book share time, I listen without interrupting.


  • I participate when we role play in a group.


  • I relax at the library during play time by reading a book, listening to a story or classical music. 
  • I read to and with my parents at home.


High School Library 'The Launch Pad'

launch pad logo.jpgThe official name for the QC High School Library is now ‘The Launch Pad’. This new name was given when the library was relaunched in the year 2018/19 with a whole new look.  With new flooring throughout, new lighting, floors, an uplifting paint job on the walls and on the fixed furnishings, freshly sanded and varnished shelving, new blinds, colour-coordinated furniture and a new entrance, 'The Launch Pad' has been transformed into a modern resource centre haven.  The Launch Pad is home to thousands of books and non-book resources for use by all the students and staff in the high school.  

In the first room, as you enter the Library, is our Fiction collection.  These books range from classical, nostalgic stories to modern, contemporary titles and everything in between including: mystery, adventure, crime, fantasy, horror, romance, tragedy, family, humour, dystopian, graphic novels (Manga) and books about the social maze of issues that young teens can face, growing up in the modern world. There are 3 categories of fiction books: General, Young Adult (YA) and Senior Fiction (SF) to cater to the different year groups and reading abilities. There is something for everyone!

The Non-Fiction section is the DIY for information books.  In this second room, not only can you get books to supplement the many subjects offered and taught in the High School, you can learn how to do your part in saving the World, in our comprehensive Earth Science section or find out about the lives of famous or not-so-well known people in our extensive biography and autobiography section. Learn how to play a sport, to challenge you physically or get a book on how to play chess, if you want to sit and be mentally challenged. There are books on most subjects, from Religions of the World to World War 2, from Politics to Painting, from the Human Body to Animal and Plant Life.  

There are several computers, all with internet access, for further support and a printer/photocopier/scanner for students to produce hard copies of assignments, reports etc.

There is a Reference section in the third room of the library, where there are books, historical documents/reports, periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopaedia, guides and our ‘Magpie’ (yearbook) collection.  

There are a few new sections: Careers and Further Education, a small but growing staff library, a section on the local community & Family Islands and a section dedicated to Bahamian authors, not to mention the section given exclusively to 'The 7 Habits'.   

All books have been and will be clearly (re)labelled for ease of use and to match modern library standards. The library has a state-of-the-art, web-based, management system that is continually populated with library resources.  The system allows for a more efficient service and provides accurate data for reports.

‘The Library is totally transformed, nothing like the place it was before. The books are not stifled or dusty, they have space to ‘breathe’. Most importantly, users will find it a less daunting place when searching for the books they require. A sense of light, peace and serenity fills the space; a perfect place for learning, reading and thinking’.


Homework Club: Monday – Thursday 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Chess Club: Monday, Wednesday and Friday Lunchtime / Monday – Thursday 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(Times may vary due to examinations or other venue events.)

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