• The President shall provide the necessary leadership and guidance required to accomplish the Association’s objectives as defined in Article II of this Constitution.
  • Presides over Board of Directors meetings, the Annual Meeting, and special meetings of the Association.
  • Names members to committees and appoints Chairpersons of the committees except the Nominating, Finance, and Class Representative Committees. Can remove any Chairperson so appointed.
  • Appoints Non-executive Directors to serve as liaisons to committees.
  • Ensures appropriate membership and operation of the committees.
  • Serves as an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  • Determines appropriate dates for meetings.
  • Casts the deciding vote in the case of a tie among Board members.
  • Serves on the Queen’s College Board of Governors.
  • Appoints assistants to officers as necessary.
  • Appoints Chaplain.

Immediate Past President

  • Serves in an advisory capacity to the Board for one year after demitting office and maintains voting rights.

Vice President

  • Assists the President in organizing and overseeing the Association and its operations.
  • Assumes full responsibility for the President in his/her absence or incapacity.
  • Completes other tasks as assigned by the President.


  • Records and transcribes minutes of Board of Directors meetings, the Annual Meeting, and special meetings of the Association.
  • Handles the general correspondence of the Association.
  • Provides timely notice of meetings.
  • Maintains Association records.
  • Completes other tasks assigned by the President.


  • Submits a written financial report at every Board of Directors meeting and the Annual Meeting.
  • Maintains membership records with dates of termination of membership.
  • Oversees the collection of dues and determination of those eligible for access to the alumni database.
  • Chairs the Finance Committee.
  • Completes tasks assigned by the President.


  • Provides a prayer or devotion at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Provides a prayer or devotion at special alumni events or in other appropriate settings.
  • Completes tasks assigned by the President.

Non-Executive Director

  • Represents the interests of the general alumni body.
  • Assists officers.
  • Liaises with the committees and represents the Board of Directors.
  • Completes tasks assigned by the President.

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