The Queen’s College PTA Board (2021-2022) would like to welcome you to a new school year. 

Over the past couple of years, we have faced challenges unlike any we have ever experienced before. These challenges have affected all aspects of our daily life, particularly how we interact as a community. We have been cut off from the support we traditionally relied on to cope with life and guide us along our paths, and we have been left feeling isolated and alone. As we have scrambled to keep going, essential aspects of life such as mental, emotional, and physical health have slipped through the cracks.

Our focus as the newly branded Parent Teacher Association this year is to help build bridges between members of the QC community, parents, teachers, staff, students, and alumni; to improve communication and availability of resources. We have learned many new skills in the past year, and we want to use those skills and the many resources of our community to support Queen’s College. There are several necessary and exciting projects in the works that we look forward to sharing with you. We hope they will improve everyone’s quality of life and help inspire and encourage our Queen’s College community to continue pursuing excellence for which Queen’s College is known.

Stay tuned for more information regarding ways to get involved, and please take a minute to fill out the PTA Sign Up Form so that you can be a part of making the QC community stronger.

The first two opportunities to connect with the PTA will be through our Building Bridges Sessions, where we will be inviting the community to come and meet the persons with influence over and within our school.

The PTA will also be a Contributor for the QC AA’s new e-magazine, The Comet Connection, which offers an overview of what is happening in the Queen’s College community (QC AA E-Magazine Sign Up Form). Also, please continue to visit the PTA page on the QC Henceforth website for up-to-date information on the Building Bridges Series. There is also a FaceBook page Queen’s College Bahamas, and QC LinkedIn account, which you can also explore. The community may also connect with the PTA via the email address

PTA Building Bridges Series 

Virtual Meeting(s)

Thursday 7 April 2022: Virtual CometFest (7:00 pm)

From Foundation Years

Virtual Meeting(s)


From Primary Years

Virtual Meeting(s)


From High School

Virtual Meeting(s)

Tuesday 29 March 2022: Bridging the Gap Session: Bahamas High School Diploma Info Session (6:30 pm)

From The Centre for Further Education

Advanced Photography

Student Enrichment Opportunities

Education Resources


The objectives of the Association shall be to encourage parents, guardians, and teachers to support and foster activities for the benefit of the child and to coordinate the spiritual, cultural, and disciplinary forces of the home and school in a manner calculated to aid the development of children while assisting the Administration and staff in anything deemed necessary to promote the betterment of the school. The PTA will also boost the esteem of the school in the eyes of the pupils, parents, and public to raise funds for the benefit of the Association, the School, or the students attending Queen's College. Ultimately facilitating the exchange of views between the Administration and Teaching Staff of the School and the Parents and Guardians of students attending the  School.


Additional Information

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