qcafelogo.jpgMany highlights and achievements have decorated the school year of 2006 - 2007 but, by far, the most important and anticipated was the opening of the ‘Q Café’.  After two years of planning, fund-raising and rescheduled starting dates, as well as three months of intensive fund-raising for furniture, the café was officially opened.  This opening was held on 18 April, 2007 on the field where the entire school assembled with the cafeteria in full view.  This historic event was held on a perfect Bahamian day.  We were honoured by the presence of our Governor General, His Excellency, the Honourable Arthur D. Hanna.

qccafe5 copy.jpg
The interior of the cafeteria is designed around the theme of the QC Comets.  The ceiling is painted a light blue while the walls are two shades of darker blue.  These represent the sky.  There are splashes of yellow and red which represent the sun and also the brilliant QC spirit.  The serving counters are the QC green and white in a checkerboard design and the booths and chair seats are green and blue glitter.  By skillfully including these specific colours, we have been able to have all of our House colours represented.


The cafeteria includes an ice cream parlour called the ‘The Milky Way’ which is extremely popular with our students.  The most impressive feature, however, is the stainless steel sculpture which was masterfully created especially for Queen’s College by Mr. Tyrone Ferguson, a former parent.  This sculpture spirals high into the ceiling with a burst of stars at the very top, each of which contains a colourful, glass ball.  This sculpture, entitled Tiendo Excellentia which means “Striving for Excellence”, according to Mr. Ferguson, “epitomizes the excellent work that is being done at Queen’s College”.

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